Safety above all

Competent and reliable fire technical consultancy is extraordinarily important. ak83 arkitekter has a great deal of experience under its belt in terms of providing safe fire advice in consultation with specialised external consultants.

There are many requirements that need to be satisfied to ensure a fireproof building that complies with relevant legislation, and the challenges vary depending on the type of building and its intended use. We work together with a number of external consultants that specialise in fire technical consultancy services and have complete knowledge of all requirements concerning fire technical documentation. It is our experience and conviction that there is a lot of money to be saved thorough good, well thought-out planning in relation to compliance with legal requirements. Awareness of fire technical consultancy from the start of the project is therefore crucial, as it is an important factor in the planning of the building’s design and construction.

JYSK Sofia

Distributionsbygning i Sofia med plads til vokseværk

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DSV Krefeld

Leg med optiske effekter overrasker beskueren hos DSV

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Moderne byhus i nyt, levende bykvarter i Valby

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Næstved hovedbibliotek samt Kvickly

Uudnyttet potentiale i Næstveds bymidte

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Kurbadet Hornbæk

Gennemført luksuskurbad i den gamle badeby Hornbæk

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