Innovative solutions that are of benefit to people, organisations and the environment.

At ak83 arkitekter we take a holistic approach to architecture and consultancy. Our drawing offices are founded upon the vision that good, well thought out architecture equals high resource-consciousness, stylistically pure aesthetics and long-lasting functionality. This has been the foundation that has inspired and shaped the way in which we work for more than 30 years.

We love to challenge traditional thinking and routines within architecture and building construction in order to achieve the perfect result for the client, in which the aesthetic, functional and environmental visions come together within budget and time constraints.

Close collaboration between the client and our consulting architects is therefore crucial to us. Through a close dialogue from day one, we ensure that the project is completed on time, at the agreed price and in a manner that is transparent for the client and which satisfies his wishes at every level.

Innovative solutions that are of benefit to people, organisations and the environment.

We constantly strive to push back the limits of what can be achieved with functional architecture within the economic scope of the project concerned.


To promote quality of life and a good working environment

The best architecture creates quality of life and good working environments in sustainable surroundings. ak83 arkitekter adheres to a set of core values that aim to design spaces, residential dwellings and buildings that provide the best conditions for the people that have to live and work in them. This involves promoting quality of life through architect-designed solutions that are pleasant places in which to spend time, as well as creating functional and well thought out working environments in everyday life.

Healthy dwellings and good indoor climates have always distinguished Nordic architectural understanding. At ak83 arkitekter we acquire many of our values from the Nordic tradition, in which materials and the influx of light carry great weight, and where stylistically pure lines and functionality are brought to the fore. This results in a keen awareness of creating sustainable buildings with low environmental impact, but long life.

ak83 arkitekter brings more than 30 years’ experience of Nordic architecture to the table when planning projects and providing architectural advice to individuals, families and businesses. We always work in close collaboration with the client and are receptive to his particular needs and wishes.

To promote quality of life and a good working environment

Architecture is social responsibility

ak83 arkitekter stands for aesthetics, functionality, security, sustainability and financial responsibility. We wish to be recognised for realising wishes and dreams that are created through dialogue, long-lasting and sustainable architect-designed solutions and architectural consulting services with due care. As a reference for ak83 arkitekter, resource-consciousness is crucial when
lifetime and environmental impact are assessed in overall terms on a sustainable building project. All projects from ak83 arkitekter are therefore considered with a long-term perspective in relation to their purpose. It is our ambition to create architecture that is socially responsible and energy-conscious – and which is based on a sound economy and knowledge of materials, possibilities for extension, indoor climate and technology.

We love

• Structural challenges
• Aesthetic and quality-conscious solutions
• Sustainability
• Creating the best building projectsr
• Satisfied clients
• Innovative building solutions adapted to the future

Here is an extract of projects of which we are particularly proud

SuperGros Ringsted

Four-winged administration building in Ringsted holding 7.000 m2

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JYSK Radomsko

500-metre-long distribution centre in Poland with a capacity of more than 100.000 m²

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Carlsberg Byen, Købke hus

A modern urban community in Carlsberg Byen’s historic neighbourhood

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DSV Landskrona - Administration

ak83 architects design attractive work environment for DSV domicile

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DSV Landskrona - logistic

DSV gets Northern Europe’s largest traffic centre – more than 100,000 m2

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