Office domiciles and warehouse/logistics buildings

Although ak83 arkitekter provides planning and consultancy services within a wide range of different sectors, our specialist expertise is focused on office and commercial buildings, as well as warehouses and logistics buildings. We are experts at creating buildings that take into consideration the employees that have to work there every day. This applies to everything from the indoor climate and ventilation to the layout of the building. In consultation with the developer or owner, we see to it that a building is designed to match its intended use.

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Office domiciles and warehouse/logistics buildings
Our vision

Architecture with people in focus

At ak83 arkitekter we aim to create innovative buildings and architecture in which function, aesthetics and economy all come together. Our architecture and consultancy services always take as their starting point the people that will actually be using the building concerned. It is important that people can live both in and around the architecture that we create. Furthermore, we make a virtue of the fact that our architectural consultancy services and our building solutions take sustainability into account, as we strive to be both socially responsible and energy-conscious.

Our vision
Architecture with people in focus

A versatile and quality-conscious architectural firm

We have delivered quality architecture in the form of residential dwellings and large commercial buildings for more than 30 years, and both of our drawing offices have specialised in client design advisor services, architectural consultancy services, lead consultancy services, fire technical consultancy services, as well as sustainable development, project design and building inspection.


Our profile

Here is an extract of projects of which we are particularly proud

DSV Krefeld

Interplay with optical effects surprises the eye of the beholder at DSV

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JYSK Uldum - Distribution centre

JYSK’s new 64,000 m2 distribution centre is attractively situated in the open countryside.

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Rema 1000 Vinterbro

Utilisation of vertical lines creates light and airy warehouse

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JYSK Brabrand

Major extension of JYSK head office in Brabrand’s attractive surroundings

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Carlsberg Byen, Købke hus

A modern urban community in Carlsberg Byen’s historic neighbourhood

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What our satisfied clients say about us

  • Focus on design and good working environment Since 2002, ak83 arkitekter has worked for DSV on more than 25 new buildings, including current projects that have yet to receive final approval. This is no coincidence, since one of ak83 arkitekter’s areas of design expertise is logistics buildings. Over the years, this unique partnership has resulted in a comprehensive design template for offices, cross-docking terminals and logistics buildings (typically warehouses). This has been done to ensure uniformity in DSV buildings: “In order to accommodate developments in the industry, the template has undergone constant development. It is important that people can recognise a DSV building. When passing the building, we want employees and customers alike to associate DSV buildings with carefully thought-out design and functionality. The buildings should be attractive and fulfil their intended purpose at the same time – as well as being a landmark for DSV. In addition to good design, DSV attaches great importance to a good working environment for their employees, which is also a focal point in ak83 arkitekter’s design.” Brian Winther Almind, Managing Director / DSV Group Property
  • ak83 creates the best conditions for the project ak83 arkitekter is a highly professionally competent and experienced consultant that also manages to put together and adapt the right team to handle the project’s activities, operators and the developer or owner. This ability results in a well-functioning project team both professionally and in human terms, thus creating the best conditions for the developer’s demands in terms of quality and meeting tight project deadlines and budgets. Nomeco can warmly recommend ak83 arkitekter to others. Carsten Uhre, Head of Technical Department / Nomeco A/S
  • An aesthetic and functional result With regard to project work in connection with a new distribution centre in the Stavanger area, we have enjoyed a great working relationship with ak83 arkitekter. ak83 arkitekter has ensured a good, clear process with an aesthetic and functional result. We have no hesitation in recommending ak83 arkitekter. Rune Rørvik, Operations Manager / Rema 1000, Norway
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