When high quality meets budgetary targets

At ak83 arkitekter we create increased value for the developer or owner through reliable client design advisor services during all phases of the project. We contribute with professionalism, creativity, experience and innovation to ensure that the owner receives a product of high quality that meets budgetary targets.

Our client design advisor services are based on knowledge of the fact that common understanding, dialogue and flexibility produce the best results, and we are therefore very aware of the fact that the project is realised in a constructive collaboration between our professional skills and the wishes of the developer or owner.

‘Design and build’ is a concept with which we have a great deal of experience. In this case, we put out an invitation to tender in a procurement based on operational needs based on a carefully defined plan
solution – with design and material requirements along with carefully defined functional requirements within all technical disciplines. In this way, we can take advantage of the turnkey contractor’s individual solution proposal that meets all the requirements specifications. This results in the best possible competitive advantages that – along with good contract terms – optimise and guarantee price and time for correct delivery.

Coop Oslo - Administration

Rationelt bygningsdesign giver ideel bevægelse og arbejdsflow

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Moderne byhus i nyt, levende bykvarter i Valby

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Rema 1000 Vinterbro

Udnyttelse af vertikale linjer skaber luftig lagerbygning

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JYSK Sofia

Distributionsbygning i Sofia med plads til vokseværk

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Glassalen - Gilleleje

Glassalen i Gilleleje er borgernes nye samlingspunkt

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