360-degree consultancy services

Lead consultancy services are of benefit if there is a need for 360-degree consultancy services from the initial phases through to final delivery of the building. This is a transparent and holistic solution in which ak83 arkitekter makes sure that both major and minor details are taken care of.

Right from the very early days, our drawing offices have accumulated a bank of knowledge and consulting experience that mean that today we can claim to lead the way in terms of lead consultancy services for architects and developers. It is a solution that embraces everything within structural consultancy services – from architecture, aesthetics and function to safety and sustainability. It also includes the tendering process, building site inspection, follow-up and delivery.

For the client, it is a package solution that creates clarity by assembling a wealth of building processes, requirements and functions with a single business partner and one specific contact person from start to finish. This provides peace of mind and a solution of high quality and value.

DSV Krefeld

Leg med optiske effekter overrasker beskueren hos DSV

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DSV Landskrona - Administration

ak83 designer attraktivt arbejdsmiljø til DSV domicil

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Lundbeck Valby

Globalt medicinalfirma får nyt centrum for distribution i Norden

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Kurbadet Hornbæk

Gennemført luksuskurbad i den gamle badeby Hornbæk

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JYSK Gdansk

Nyt knudepunkt for JYSKs logistik i Polen

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