Retracted facades and space for green roof terraces in Køge city centre

The programme by Køge Station included both rehabilitating centre, day-homes with reception, café and kitchen, administration, 30 relief care homes, retail and parking on the ground floor.

The volume of the building consists of a number of built together wings with asymmetrical pitched roofs reflecting the style and traditional building methods in older town houses in Køge. The gables towards terrain are built yellow and grey bricks. The retracted facades have a smooth concrete surface with small vertical lines. The windows have an upright format with black profiles and copper coloured shutters. The varying and displaced roof gardens on the first floor looks like “drawers”, from where vegetation grow like green curtains down to street level via a fine-meshed espalier of copper coloured steel. They are watered by accumulated rainwater. Space for the driveway to the parking area and bicycle parking are cut into the green wall.

The main entrance to the rehabilitation centre and the residences is located on Stationstorvet and the passageways on the first and second floor are well lit and provide good visibility and overview. The residences are located in a star shape around two common areas with secure contact to personnel and other residents and easy access to the roof gardens. The exercise room on the second floor is high ceilinged with large window sections.