Good cooperation for many years

Since 2002, ak83 arkitekter has worked for DSV on more than 30 projects, including current projects that have yet to receive final approval. This is no coincidence, since one of ak83 arkitekter’s areas of design expertise is logistics buildings. Over the years, this unique partnership has resulted in a comprehensive design template for offices, cross-docking terminals and logistics buildings (typically warehouses). This has been done to ensure uniformity in DSV buildings.


“In order to accommodate developments in the industry, the template has undergone constant development. It is important that people can recognize a DSV building when passing the building. We want employees and customers alike to associate DSV buildings with carefully thought-out design and functionality. The buildings should be attractive and fulfil their intended purpose at the same time – as well as being a landmark for DSV. In addition to good design, DSV attaches great importance to a good working environment for their employees, which is also a focal point in ak83 arkitekter’s design.”

-Brian Winther Almind, Managing Director / DSV Group Property