JYSK 40th anniversary

Date15. April 2019
What do you give the man who can buy just about anything?

Regarding the 40th anniversary of JYSK founded by Lars Larsen, we have asked artist Lise Vestergaard to do a piece. We wanted something that illustrates the spirit of JYSK, the relation to ak83 arkitekter and good cooperation in the last 33 years. Lise has carried out a wonderful piece with a strong and beautiful expression. In the work, Lise Vestergaard has truly captured JYSK, Lars Larsen and the common history with ak83 arkitekter. At the same time, she has ensured that the visual expression reflects the values of JYSK. We give our warmest recommendations to Lise Vestergaard and are thankful for the beautiful result. 


Reference Lise Vestergaard:

Dear Lars Larsen - It is not with borrowed plumes.

One feather became 2.700 stores in 52 countries 40 years after the first commercial. There was no need to take counsel of one's pillow when given the task of doing your portrait in regards to the recent celebration of the 40th Anniversary of JYSK. A feather from Lars Larsen's 'own' pillow had company and would end up as backdrop in the creation. Congratulations with the 40th anniversary. 

See the exciting work of Lise Vestergaard herehttps://www.lisevestergaard.dk/