New kindergarten and daycare center on Amager

Date20. May 2021
Category Interior design, Culture

The task at hand was remodelling an existing warehouse and industrial building into an integrated day-care and kindergarten centre. The space had to contain 3 day-care group, 1 kindergarten group and pickup/drop-off for children to an external kindergarten.
The facades of the existing building have been valued as worthy of preservation, to keep some of the industrial features in the neighbourhood. Hence, the building creates an elegant contrast to its surroundings.
The focus was to create a modern institution with focus on the day-to-day operation and well-being of the staff, children, and parents. This was ensured by keeping in close dialog with the end-users of the building.
The building and its qualities also made a foundation for creating exciting spaces by using existing structural elements and exposed installations to emphasize the industrial and rustic expression.